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Coconut Oil For Cooking A Perfect Healthy Meal

Coconut oil has had a rather rocky history and is still in contention today in different circles, with people asking just how healthy or beneficial it is for you. whether you want to use coconut oil for cooking, baking, or your beauty regimen, you should do a little investigating to find out just what coconut oil contains and how it can help you.

First of all, the most obvious question, how much fat does coconut oil have? The answer is, a lot! Coconut oil has a fat content of about 90%. As you may know, there are two main kinds of fat, saturated and unsaturated. The fat found in coconut oil is primarily saturated fat, this is the kind that is reportedly not good for you because it increases the low density lipoproteins (LDL) in your body, this type fat increases the cholesterol in your body, which is associated with an increase in the risk of heart disease. This will probably make you think twice about using coconut oil for cooking, but it’s not as simple as that. Coconut oil also increases your levels of high density lipoproteins (HDL), this is the good kind of cholesterol.

There is also some disagreement within the medical community about saturated fat, evidence is emerging that not all saturated fats are created equal, and consuming saturated fat might actually be better for you than previously thought. This can be seen in areas where coconut oil is heavily used in cooking and preparing food, like Sri Lanka, where the rate of heart is relatively lower than in the U.S.

Beyond that, using coconut oil for cooking and in your daily life can benefit you in a few other ways, coconut oil has been shown to have antibacterial properties, it is also full of antioxidants, which help to rid you of all those free radicals known to accelerate aging. Another benefit of coconut oil is that it’s a great skin moisturizer, for all you do-it-yourselfers, you can find myriad ways it can be added to various beauty products to enhance their benefits and effectiveness.

Now that we’ve established that it can be beneficial to you, let’s explore a few ways we can us coconut oil for cooking. Since coconut oil is largely made up of saturated fat, it is able to withstand high temperatures as compared to other oils, this makes it the best oil for cooking. Coking with coconut oil also gives your food a change in flavour and texture that you don’t get from other cooking oils.

To cook with coconut oil, you can toss your vegetables in as little as a tablespoonful of coconut oil and keep it going until it is a light brown shade, this will give you a caramelized flavour and a slightly crispy texture. You can make yourself a satisfying dinner when you sauté your protein and vegetables.

For baking, coconut oil is a great substitute for butter, shortening or any other vegetable oil, use it freely in preparing your paleo-centric meals. It adds some extra lightness to your cupcakes, brownies, cookies and scones, a lightness you won’t get from butter.

You should note that as coconut oil is solid at room temperature, you should melt it before using it to bake, all you have to do is place a jar of your coconut oil in some hot water and let it sit for a few minutes, and if you’re going to be mixing it with some other cold ingredients, be sure to stir it in quickly so it doesn’t solidify and become clumpy. When it’s solid though, coconut oil is a great substitute for any dairy-free confections you want to make.

Making your granola with coconut oil improves the flavour and aroma and it helps preserve more of the nutritional components and value as well, as it doesn’t oxidize at high temperatures like other vegetable oils do.

For frying, the refined coconut oil is the recommended type to use. Pre-heating the oil in the pan is a good idea, just as with other oils.

There are so many other recipes and ways to cook with coconut oil to add a little extra flavor and a new twist to your old favorite meals. 

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